Letters from Our Scholars:

Thank you so much for the generous scholarship. I am very grateful. --Becky Nesterwitz, Toms River South

I'd like to thank you for the scholarship you have awarded me. The scholarship will go a long way in alleviating financial burdens not only on me but also on the rest of my family.... I will make certain not to waste a single dollar. -- Gino Cortes, Jackson Memorial High School

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the $1000 Ocean County Mayor's Association Scholarship. I am deeply grateful to be bestowed this honor. The money will most certainly be put to good use in my upcoming plebe year at the United States Naval Academy. --Matthew A. Worosz, Pinelands Regional High School

I cannot begin to thank you for honoring me as a recipient of your scholarship. It a generous award for which I am very grateful. --Alex Ganato, Lacey Township High School

Thanks to all for the wonderful scholarship and breakfast banquet. It was quite an honor to receive the Mayors' Scholarship and the David Siddons Memorial Scholarship. Thanks again for the generosity as I set forth to study at Harvard. --Rebecca Gryzb, Brick Township High School

I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for the very generous scholarship opportunities you offered to me and to other students across the county. As the recipient of both the Manchester and the William T. Hornidge Memorial Scholarships I consider myself twice blessed by your association. --Lauren Beck, Manchester Township High School