Bob Martin, Commissioner

N.J. Department of Environmental Protection

In this, his last visit with the OCMayors as DEP commissioner, Bob said the last months of the Christie administration and his tenure at the DEP will be busy. Looking back, Bob said the agency had become easier to deal with. Over the years, he explained, procedures and agency decisions had been muddied by “law upon law and regulation on regulation.” More recently, he has pushed to make DEP applications and some functions available on the web. He also talked about back bay flooding, environmental project financing, beach replenishment, and public access. The agency, he said, would appreciate input from the mayors on its approach to problems in Barnegat Bay. Finally, Bob warned of economic fallout from proposed federal rules to limit the catch of fluke and flounder by sports fisherman. Most of Bob’s Q&A session consisted of compliments for his work as commissioner.

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