Marc Pfeiffer, Assistant Director

N.J. Div. of Local Government Services, N.J. Dept. of Community Affairs

On March 15th, Marc Pfeiffer brought us some less-than-happy news from Trenton. For example, he noted that tax appeals are not adequately addressed in the 2% cap law. So revenue lost to tax appeals cannot be made up by through property tax increases over the cap. And given the decline in the real estate market, tax appeals are rife. On the other hand, Pfeifer explained, a quirk in the law makes it possible to add the cost of a one-time capital purchase to the next year’s budget, thus raising the amount that can be raised by taxation under the cap.Pfeiffer reviewed some bills before the legislature that propose to curb rising state expenses — including proposals to eliminate cost-of-living increases for state retirees.

At the same meeting Mayor Kelaher introduced a resolution to declare April as Autism Awareness Month. The resolution passed unanimously.

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