Our Guest in June

Byrne Promotes N.J. Tourism

State government is doing its share to bring tourist dollars to New Jersey, especially shore destinations. That was the message from Nancy Byrne, Executive Director of the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism to the Ocean County mayors at our regular meeting on June 17. For example, she said, a recent publicity event in Philadelphia to promote New Jersey beaches was covered by Fox News among other outlets, including national media. Byrne said it is difficult to promote the state as a whole in the face of erroneous yet widely held images of New Jersey. Instead, she explained, her office and its agencies are promoting destinations within the state, such as the beaches of Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Byrne described various state programs to help local organizations draw tourists, including the Cooperative Marketing Grant Program (www.state.nj.us/travel/industry.html). New Jersey beach communities are in a good position to attract tourist dollars, she said. In fact, New Jersey beaches are within a one-tank-of-gas travel range of more than 30 million people. Current high gas prices discourage vacationers from making longer car trips even as high fares and airport hassles make flying less attractive.

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