Stephanie Bloom, FACHE, Executive Director

Community Medical Center, Toms River, N.J.

At our May meeting, Stephanie Bloom briefed the mayors on the state of our region’s leading health care resource, Community Medical Center in Toms River where she serves as Executive Director. Stephanie described Community’s efforts to meet the needs of a growing population with increased medical competence and business efficiency. In the first instance, Stephanie cited Community’s lengthening list of accreditations and awards. In the second, she noted that Community delivers high-quality medical services at the least possible cost. Community operates in the black, she said, even though more than 63% of its revenue is comes through Medicare.

The hospital, which opened as a 50-bed facility 50 years ago, now offers advanced cancer care, a top-drawer neuroscience program, and enhanced services for women and children among other initiatives. Facilities include 10 operating rooms, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and an emergency department almost as large as many hospitals in the area. More than 100,000 patients passed through Community’s Emergency Department in 2010.

You can download a PDF of Stephanie’s presentation to the mayors here. (Note: The file is almost 2 MB and may take a few seconds to download.)

Bloom noted that despite these achievements and more, Community has been denied a cardiac surgery license by the N.J. Department of Health and Senior Services. (OC Mayors adopted a resolution calling for such a license in 2007. You’ll find it here There is also a slide presentation that addresses the cardiac license issue. You’ll find that here.

By the way, the initials after Stephanie’s name (FACHE) mean she is a board certified Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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