Stephen Sweeney, President

New Jersey State Senate

N.J. Senate President Steve Sweeney today briefed the Ocean County Mayors’ Association on his view of New Jersey’s pension crisis, economy, infrastructure investment, budget priorities, and more.

Beginning by fondly recalling his time in county and local government, the senator cautioned government employees not to retire early in fear that retirement money will not be available should they wait. The state will meet its obligations, he promised. A wave of early retirements on the other hand would be like a run on the bank — an unnecessary problem.

Sen. Sweeney said that a renewal of the state’s Transportation Trust Fund must include money for municipalities and counties to pay for local roadways. Local governments and taxpayers in local communities can’t afford to make all the investments needed to repair and improve roads and bridges without the state’s resources, he said.

The senator enumerated a number of challenges facing the state and promised that one by one, they would be addressed and resolved.

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