At our January 11 meeting: John Adler

In remarks to Ocean County’s mayors, U.S. Rep. John Adler said he was working to bring New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District its fair share of federal dollars. To help the effort, he suggested that the mayors inform him of their municipalities’ specific needs in writing. The congressman noted that there had been no upward bump in Social Security this year and that some seniors were being squeezed by higher prices and taxes. He said that he and others were working on a bill to increase Social Security payments, but added that there were “no guarantees.” Responding to questions from the mayors, Adler explained that he voted against health care legislation in the House because the bill, while subsidizing insurance for many, failed to address costs and could encourage some employers to stop offering health insurance to workers. Responding to other questions, Adler deplored a controversial remark recently attributed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, urged flexibility in some current ocean fishing restrictions, and said that airport security in the U.S. needed improvement.

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