Brad Billhimer, Ocean County Prosecutor

On his second visit to the Mayors, Ocean County Prosecutor Brad Billhimer devoted most of his talk to his office’s various anti-drug efforts in enforcement and prevention.

In one example, Brad outlined a policy to intervene with children present during encounters between police and parents or caregivers – the arrest of a parent, as one example. The policy applies regardless of where the incident occurs, at a child’s home or elsewhere. Similarly, the offense need not involve drugs. The idea is to counsel children in such stressful – even emotionally traumatic – situations. Children who experience such events are at greater risk of eventually turning to drugs or other unacceptable behavior.

Police officers are required to report the presence of any children at a scene. That information is relayed through the proper agencies to the school a child attends. Teachers and counselors can then follow up with the child as early as the following day at school.

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