Dr. David D’Ambrosio

Community Medical Center, Toms River

Dr. D’Ambrosio discussed the new robotic radiosurgery system called CyberKnife now available at Community Medical Center. CyberKnife technology is used to treat tumors with an intense, highly accurate beam of radiation. Because of its design, CyberKnife can attack a tumor from various angles, killing off cancerous cells while doing minimal damage to healthy surrounding areas. According to Dr. D’Ambrosio, CyberKnife patients can be successfully treated in as few as five radiation sessions. Painless treatment requires no anesthesia and creates minimal side effects. Little or no recovery time is necessary. The doctor said he is very pleased with results so far at Community. Later in the meeting the mayors approved a resolution urging that Community Medical Center be authorized to offer cardiac surgery, which requires permission from state authorities.

The Ocean County Mayors’ Association has been found tax exempt by the IRS. Donations are deductible. Documentation of this determination and related financial disclosure documents are available for public examination.

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