Melanie Walter, Director

N.J. Division of Local Government Services

On her first visit with the mayors, Melanie Walter provided a run down of the services her division provides and some of the issues it faces. Among other things and perhaps with a bit more stress, she discussed shared services and how Local Government Services can help recommend and valuate options. For example, the division maintains an extensive database on local government expenditures. That makes it possible to compare your costs in specific areas with those of comparable municipalities. Another database offers information on shared services in the state. Local Government Services, she said, will do an analysis of any proposal to share services. In fact, she said, the division maintains a web portal to provide information and direction on shared services. You can access it here.

The Ocean County Mayors’ Association has been found tax exempt by the IRS. Donations are deductible. Documentation of this determination and related financial disclosure documents are available for public examination. cir

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