Tom Heff, Director

New Jersey Division of Local Government Services

Tom Neff, Director of the state Division of Local Government Services, part of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, said the Christy Administration is working to reduce discretionary or supplemental state assistance to poorly managed communities, many in North Jersey. “We don’t throw money at problems any more,” he said. Things are different in Ocean County, where “communities are well managed,” Tom said. Recent state pension and health care reform will soon be felt, he noted, particularly among more highly paid public employees who will have to contribute substantially more for their benefits. From the floor, mayors spoke in opposition to N.J. Senate Bill S2, which according to its summary “encourages sharing of services.” “Encouragement” in this case includes reduction in state aid to any municipality that votes not to implement a state recommended shared service.

Assemblyman Ron Dancer, former mayor of Plumstead Township, told the mayors that there is a bi-partisan conversation in the legislature to amend S2.

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