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Charles McKenna, Dir., N.J. Office of Homeland Security

Charles McKenna, Director of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security, described his agency’s efforts to prevent acts of terrorism and deal with disasters and emergency situations that do occur. Mr. McKenna urged advance planning and emergency preparedness on the part of individuals as well as governments. Citing a number of recently thwarted terror plots, Mr. McKenna said it is less likely that terrorism would be carried out here by foreigners than by native residents who are susceptible to the radical influences easily accessed on the Internet. Even more troubling for New Jersey, he said, is the threat of weather-related events such as hurricanes. Weather is growing more volatile, he explained, even as surveys show that large numbers of residents and local governments are not really prepared to deal with catastrophic weather events. Mr. McKenna answered a number of questions from the mayors and referred them to his agency’s online resources at

The Mayors passed a resolution in support of state legislation to ease the path to property tax reassessments. The measure will help municipalities deal with real estate market declines and property tax appeals that result in lower revenues. You will find the resolution here.

Ocean County Mayors’ Association has been found tax exempt by the IRS. Donations are deductible. Documentation of this determination and related financial disclosure documents are available for public examination.

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